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Chairman's message



I would like to express my sincere greetings.


It has been over 10 years since Integrated Specialized Inspection System created by unifying Inspection Authorities, by resolution No.58 of Mongolian State Great Khural and resolution No. 126 of Government in 2002, to configure healthy, safe and comfortable environment for citizens to live and work and to configure condition that inspection to be implemented comprehensively at all levels of Public administration.


In the past, structure, organization, facilities and personnel of the Specialized Inspection Authority have been strengthened and main objectives that to constitute healthy, safe and comfortable environment in which people to live and to consume quality products and services and to configure convenient condition for businesses have been implemented successfully.


Renewing activities of Specialized Inspection Authority based on the social demand, needs and requirements to conform to international standards are continuously being implemented.


We are working on an objective that “to engrain Risk management system by combining risk based inspection with methods of consultancy service, training, surveillance, control and examination and expanding risk researches and databases”, as stated on the action plan of New Government for Changes that to conduct risk management into activities of Law enforcement and inspection authorities.


Aiming inspections at risky and dangerous points by using checklist during implementation of risk based inspection is important to make the decision making process and inspection activities understandable and transparent for the inspected person. Also it is important to expand cooperation between government, private sector and civil society organization, to develop an effective partnership and to create their active participation.


In the future, our objective would be coherent and effective implementation of the state inspection that to ensure safety of human life and health and environment. We consider that efficient activities of our team and cooperation between associated individuals and entities, governmental and non-governmental organizations are essential in order to implement this objective.


Wish you great success in your career and welcome to our website.


Yours faithfully,





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