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There are some records have been left about legalized and abided state inspection that based on faith, sermon, quarantine, sympathy in the unique heritage of legislation such as Law of Ikh zasag, encyclopedia of Yuan State, execution note of Golden Khan, Mongolian and Oirats law, Mongolian legal documents which those created from the age of the Great Mongolian Empire that established by Great Chinggis Khan in 1206 to the age of Mongolian state of Bogd Khan. Thereafter, in 1921, establishment of inspection division by new People’s government was the beginning of new generation of the modern independent inspection units, department and structure.

First specialized inspection body is the Financial investigation department that established by Government in 1930 and second one was Hygiene inspection department that established under the name of Research centre of Bacterium in 1933. Health inspection has been developed by establishing State sanitary inspection department in 1940, central laboratory for Medicine in 1965, Department for treatment quality inspection in 1992.

The history page of the infrastructure inspection, one of the biggest framework and role scope in the Specialized Inspection, begins by establishing “Transport inspection and registration office” under control of Ministry of Transportation in 1942 and followed by establishing Construction Inspection under the control of Construction scheme planning authority in 1956, Radio communication inspection Commission under control of Ministry of transport and communication in 1965.

Foundation of Agricultural sector inspection that has been playing significant role in providing national industries with raw materials and food consumption of the population with natural products was laid by establishing Veterinary inspection service in 1937, gradually Plant protection and quarantine inspection office in 1958, Animal Breeding control service, Seed control service in 1988.

Sanitary and epidemiology inspection service in 1959, Plant protection and quarantine service in 1964, Veterinary inspection service in 1978 and Standard and Quality inspection service in 1992 were established and independently structured for Border Specialized Inspection Department.

In 1968, Forest and Hunting inspection office was established when Forestry and wood processing industry management authority was being established by decree of the Council of Ministries of the People’s Republic of Mongolia and that was first unit of Organization that has duty of inspecting implementation of Laws and regulations on Forest and hunting.

In 1987, Environmental inspection office was established in the structure of Ministry of Environmental Protection. Gradually, in 1990, Environmental Inspection department was established by integrating all units and inspectors of land and its subsoil, forests, water, animals and plants and atmosphere inspection that were previously under control of other Ministries and Authorities. In 1992, it was expanded under the name of Environmental State Inspection.

In 1970, Labour and social welfare inspection that responsible for ensuring human rights to work and providing social welfare services was established under the name of Inspect and Direct for State Committee of Labour and Wages by the resolution of the Council of Ministries. Gradually, it was expanded to Labour state inspection department in 1977 and Labour inspection Department in 1991.

In 1982, “Trade inspection office” was established in the structure of Ministry of Trade and Preparation. Gradually, in 1992, it was expanded as Trade and Industry inspection authority and it was working vigorously in the field of consumer protection and ensuring the food safety.

Tardy established inspection in the system of Specialized Inspection is Education, Culture and Science Inspection and it was first established in 1986 under the name of Investigation office. It was expanded to Educational Specialized Inspection department in 1991 and Educational State Inspection Department in 1995. It has been working with main activity of ensuring the rights of studying that guaranteed by the Constitution.

In 1996, specialized inspections were established under the control of Governor of City and Provinces and that is considered as the foundation of modern system. Modern integrated inspection system shows that establishment of authorities that have liability of specialized inspection in rural areas was right decision.

In 2002, Integrated system of Specialized inspection is created by establishing State Specialized Inspection Agency under the control of Prime Minister by combining 13 units and departments that were previously working with different structures and organizations under the control of various ministries and authorities.

In 2008, the decision that to be named General Agency for Specialized Inspection was made by State Great Khural when it was approving “System and general scheme of structure of State administrative organizations”.

Today, the implementations of over 130 Mongolian Laws, 42 Mongolian International treaties and conventions, 30 Parliamentary Resolutions, 234 Governmental Resolutions, 2669 National Standards, 753 rules and regulations, 338 norms are inspected by over 2100 inspectors and employees of General Agency for specialized inspection, inspection authorities of 21 provinces, Metropolitan Specialized inspection Department, Border Specialized Inspection offices at 23 border ports including Buyant-Ukhaa, Zamiin-Uud and Sukhbaatar and National Reference Laboratory for Food Safety.


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