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DSC 6997 640x425Regular meeting of administration of GASI, head of inspection departments and divisions took place on 2nd February 2015.

The Chairman of the GASI, Batmunkh.D, obligated to work by inspecting and advising on food products including milk and dairy products that are being sold in area of capital city, provinces, soums and districts.  

Also, probability that attempt to fulfill personal interest by oppressing entrepreneurs, under the name of inspection, is forewarned.

Citizens are cautioned by Specialized inspection authority, to travel through guaranteed roads because of ice level that 5-10 cm thinner than average of long standing. Prior to the start of construction work, consultation with entities will be organized and MOU that to prevent from fatal accidents and injuries will be signed.

Currently, outbreaks of rabies are in several provinces, therefore some guidance for preventing from rabies and measures that should be taken in case of outbreaks will be delivered to rural area. Also, huge amount of medicines, especially veterinary medicines, are being exported, thus,  related departments will make their information of quantity of entities that are holding export and import licenses transparent.  

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