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Mongoian News № 211


National occupational health and safety committee discussed about “Reasons and circumstances of occupational accidents in the construction sector and its assessment” during its meeting on 21st of October 2014 and the head of Labour and Social welfare division of the GASI, Buyannemekh.B, reported about occupational accidents in the construction sector.

As of 10th of October 2014, nationally, 205 occupational accidents, incurred 222 people including 24 deaths and 16 disabilities and 183 temporary disabilities to work, are happened.


National occupational health and safety committee is issuing following recommendations to employers and employees who are working in construction sector.

  1. All construction entities and organizations and their units, departments, divisions and teams need to adherence the implementation of legislations, regulations, national standards, rules and legal acts that related to occupational health and safety.
  2. “Danger and accident prevention plan” needs to developed and adopted by director of general sponsor company before initiate construction work. And the plan should includes following activities that to create health and safety workplace, to protect employees’ health, to prevent from accidents, to get permission of related equipments and to plan precisely and to ensure implementation of occupational health and safety measures that implement at all level of construction work form  the initiating construction work until received by state commission.
  3. To execute occupational health and safety management system at organizational level and organizational unofficial board of occupational health and safety, research and registry permanent commission of occupational accident and OHS department and employees need to be employed and retrained.
  4. Preordination of danger zones in construction sites needs to be done, signal, warning, signs need to be put and protective shields need to be built.
  5. Cooperation agreement on OHS between sponsor and general and assistant contractors needs to be concluded and expenses for OHS measures need to be stated in the agreement.    
  6. Sponsor and general and assistant contractors need to employ employees who has been trained and owned a “Blue card” and also need to stop providing unauthorized organizations and unprofessional citizens with job.
  7. Permissions of lifting, transporting and unloading equipments that are being used in construction industry need to be owned, to keep operating book, to control the safety, lifting facility professionals /hoistman, raiser operator, liftman etc./ need to be employed and strictly follow the safety regulations and instructions.   
  8. Building framework needs to be performed by professional organizations and employees
  9. In the working site, employees need to be provided with drinking water, relaxing and eating, accommodations and first aid kit should be ready for in case of mutilation
  10. To be accustomed to constantly involving employees to safety training and test them and teach employees culture and custom that to provide themselves and others with health and safety condition.

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